Long Distance Relationship

Gifts to Give Your Long Distance Loved One

Maintaining a long distance relationship is probably one of the most challenging times you will go through as a couple. You’ll have to be extra attentive to staying connected, even when physical distance is keeping you apart. One of the best ways to stay connected is by sending gifts that remind your loved one of you and help bring you together emotionally.

1. Countdown Chain:
Countdown Chain
In anticipation of the next time you will get to see each other, make a countdown chain with strips of paper linked together in a chain. Write a little love note, something fun you want to do next time you see each other, or something you appreciate about your loved one on each strip of paper. That way your loved one will get to smile each day she pulls off another link from the chain.

2. Cool Digital Camera:
Digital Camera
Staying connected is a lot easier when you get to see each other, or at least photos of each other. Give your loved one a cool digital camera that will capture each moment in crisp clarity and vivid color. Then, as you go through your days, you can share pictures and notes through a shared web-based storage service so you know what your loved one does on a day-to-day basis.

3. Homemade Baked Goods:
A taste of home may be just what your loved one needs to get through a rough day. When you have a chance, make up a batch of her favorite baked goods, whether they’re cookies, your famous banana bread or a pan of decadent fudge brownies. Package them carefully in airtight containers to make sure they’re still fresh when they arrive in the mail, and of course, include a little love note as well.

4. Matching Pillowcases:
Soul Mate Pillowcases
Nights are often the loneliest time when you’re in a long distance relationship, so get matching pillowcases to help you feel a little bit more connected with one another. There are tons of cute designs with lines connecting male and female characters when the pillows are placed next to each other, so you’ll still feel at least a little bit connected while your pillows are apart, too. For a special touch, a spray of perfume or cologne on the pillow to give your loved one a reminder of what you smell like is a comforting thing.

5. Surprise Visit:
Surprise Visit
There’s nothing like actually getting to spend time together, so surprise your loved one with an unexpected weekend visit. This one can be a little bit tricky to coordinate, and you’ll want to get the help of some of her friends who can keep a secret. Have them make plans with her for the weekend to ensure that she has time set aside, and then have them help you show up for a surprise meeting when you arrive.

The gifts you choose to give can show your loved one how well you know her and what she cares about. Personalizing gifts for her interests is a great way to demonstrate your love and thoughtfulness, although any gift in general will probably be appreciated. Try to send gifts not only for holidays, like birthdays and anniversaries, but also as little surprises to help brighten your loved one’s day.

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