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Can Internet Matchmaking Help You Find Your Soul Mate?

Not a day goes by when we don’t read about yet another celebrity couple announcing their separation. So, the real question is: If, with all their wealth and the luxurious lifestyles they lead, they still can’t get it right, how on earth do us mere mortals find the one whilst juggling full-time careers as well as our social lives?

TomKat are the latest in a long line of couples with ‘the perfect lifestyle,’ but did it really come as a big surprise? The girl next door fell for the billionaire actor she swooned over as a child; devout Catholic upbringing versus his Scientology, it really doesn’t read as a match made in heaven!

Many believe that we have only one soul mate, while others believe you can have numerous throughout your life- but the big question is: Do we actually want one?

Because you’re worth it!

Many online dating sites will dazzle us with the science otherwise known as the soul mate algorithm!  Can a computer programme really determine who we should fall in love with and if so, how on earth did all our previous generations get it so right?

Divorce rates are now 100 times higher than they were a century ago.  Are we too fickle, or just plain old clued up about living a happy life?

21st Century dating

Unlike the generations before us, we now have so much choice.  International travel, the internet and dating agencies are all things our great grandparents could not have even imagined.

We are a generation that know what we want, and we want it all!  So just how do we work 60 hour plus weeks in our dream careers and still muster up the energy to head out into the world and find our soul mate?

The answer for millions of people worldwide is the internet, with thousands upon thousands of online dating agencies that promise to find us everything from our future spouses to casual lovers.  So, just how does a computer programme determine who we will be blissfully happy with? Is it really as scientific and complicated as they want us to believe?

Probably not. It is quite simply matching us to those with similar approaches and beliefs in life; however, it does provide us with a shortlist from thousands of possibilities and let’s face it, who has the time to meet thousands of people!

Long gone are the days when internet dating was something to hide and be embarrassed about, and the children of the 90s are out and proud!

Can you find your true soul mate online?

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