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My Boyfriend and I Broke up before Valentines Day

Well me and my boyfriend broke up b-4 valentines day and b-4 I gave him my bff home number and he called her and talked and all out of no where he broke up with me b-cuz he was afraid to fall in love with me. He stopped calling or talking to me when I went to my other bff’s house on Wed. night for church. So I started writing poems and crap. They kept talking to each other. And then today they go out and every-1 at skool asks if it bothers me and I tell them no. My mind says let him go but my heart says hold on. Ya..but see I like his “ex” best friend..and he likes we go sk8ing and I turn emo again…we go outside and flirt. I felt bad but happy. However, I just really want my ex-boyfriend to at lease talk or call…even walk up and tell me he still cares about me. I mean..I’m so confused…and this has been happening since 1month and 2weeks ago..just plz help

– Confused Emo


Tijuna says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:07 pm
Hey I really like what you have written.
Iam kind of in the same thing. Me n this boy have recently broke up.
No matter what though I love him.
He could do the worst thing.
Like its going around that he got this girl pregnant.
But I am still there for him if he needs me.
The difference is he had sex with her after we was over.
Your boyfriend cheated I think if you don’t get along maybe its time to move on because to me just reading what you wrote it doesn’t seem like your happy!
Do try and write me back maybe I can use your advice!

Chana says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:08 pm
I know exactly how you feel but I am a mother, and it’s harder for me to get out of my situation. So for my advice to you, leave him. He’s not worth the time or stress. Some men just never grow up and I don’t think you could do anything to make him change; he has to change for himself, after he realizes there are problems. Well if you need any advice you can look me up. I’m not always the best at giving advice but I can try. Good Luck!

Loulaa says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:09 pm
If he cheated on you, go kick him.

Ashley says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:09 pm
Gurl just pray about it!

Gabriela says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:10 pm
Hey girl I know how you feel. I was dating this guy for 3 months and we always fought. Me and him were different because he liked doing other things. He treated me good but only when he felt like it. We tried working things out but it failed. Now i’m hurt and he doesn’t care. So make sure that this guy your with treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Don’t settle for less. It hurts but eventually you will find someone better.

Taniia says:
December 7, 2009 at 2:10 pm
Hey, well what i’d advise you to do with ur bf wud b to leave him if he really treats u bad nn has cheated on u before, bcuz if hes done it once..he’ll do it again..and i think u deserve better than that

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  1. Hey girl. All I have to say is that you really need to focus on making yourself happy. I wasn’t happy with my boyfriend but I never did nothing. Then we ended up getting married. Now less that a year after our wedding we are going through a divorce. He cheated on me and called me outside my name many times. By the time I said no more I was so broken down that I had to rebuild myself all over again. I am now living my life to make me happy. It’s YOUR life and you only get to live it once. I found true love and happiness in a friend that was always there. While you’re feeling guilty your true love may be watching your pain in silence. True love may have been right beside you the whole time. And remember…. how can a man love you if you don’t love yourself enough to do what makes you happy?

  2. I also feel the same about my bf..
    because he cheated on me once…
    but you should not do the same, like what he did to you…
    you still love your bf, im sure..
    so forgive and forget…

  3. Hey girl i’ve been in the same exact situation as u.
    but mah man did it to me when i was pregnant with our child.
    first of all yes it hurts alot when they cheat but what u have to do is separate for now, give urself time to close out that part of ur life and give urself the opportunity to possibly forgive him. let him know that it still bothers u and u want to try to close that part of life.
    its hard to go through another door when the other door is still open. u might be able to forgive him and then u will realize how u feel about him. u need time for urself. ur the one that is hurt and confused so take time out for urself

  4. Hey girl i know exactly how u feel im in the same situation i dont know what to do only that my bf hasnt cheated on me is like on the phone everythinng is bad and in person we get along fine what did u end up doing write back please

  5. He shows it in a weird way but he still loves u.
    u should try to forgive him and he will see what u hav dun
    and he will respect u more


  7. Being happy or being painful, which one is more important for you? If you choose the latter, then put up with it. But as far as I know there is definitely not only one man in this world out there for you. You will find someone better if you think being happy is more important. Love lost its significance when you are painful with someone who doesn’t deserve you at all.

    If your bf broke up with you after talking to your bff you might need to ask your bff about this and why he’s afraid of falling in love with you. What did your bff tell him? Was it something about you that made him uncomfortable? If he’s afraid of falling in love with you, your being with his “ex” best friend may not be wise if you still love your ex. This will make him feel even more uncomfortable and make things worse. So you can try to talk to him again and tell him you love him but not anyone else and you believe he’s the same and you wish to start over again; if this doesn’t work then your ex is probably a very rational person and it’s better for you to just forget him. For rationals, even if they love someone, as long as they decide to leave the person for a reason they deem is right, they will leave; even if they are painful they will leave you painful because they want to finish the pain.

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