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Your Future is in your Hands

I started to be interested in palm reading sometime when I tried to search for a light on my life, hoping that someone would shed light and tell me what my future would hold, and who would enter my life. Eventually I came across a very special book about hand psychology, a new insight into solving problems and was amazed by the close relationship between palm reading and psychology. It’s fascinating to know that your life and future are in your hands and to learn the skills needed to read palms.


Is palm reading accurate? I would say what your hands tells you is the truth, but the accuracy of the interpretation of your hands depends highly on palmists’ moral sense, talents, skills, their own experiences and how many hands they read.

Palmists are intuitive and insightful, but not all are gifted, skillful, experienced and ethical: They can be subjective. Different palmists can interpret the same hand differently.

Palm reading is a real study of hands not fortune-telling. Your hands reveal a lot of information, but not all the information revealed can be interpreted accurately. The hand is the fact, but the interpretation may not be.

Just like our temperaments, hands can also have distinguished types, four types, eight types, sixteen types. If an intuitive person sees enough hands, he is able to feel a pattern out of the different types of hands, to group the similar ones together. That’s how palm reading was born.

Your hands also show your health condition. However, palm reading is subjective rather than an objective science, therefore, it is only useful when combined with, confirmed, and tested by science and real life.

Even if a palmist foretells the future of another person correctly, it is not a guarantee that the palmist can read your palm accurately. Some palmists are good at noticing one pattern or sign, but not others.

It’s your own discretion and intuition to perceive if what the palmist tells you is useful and how useful it is.

Your future is in YOUR hands anyway.

Prem says:
September 11, 2013 at 1:34 pm
Palm reading is interesting when someone says not accurately but at-least something that is believable, I still remember an incident which happened 11 months ago when I came across a palm reader and without thinking twice I went straight to him as I was always interested in these stuffs especially when someone says they could predict our future ???? and I am sure not only me but like me most of them would be interested in palm reading etc. When I asked him please look at my hand and tell me what’s stored in for my future and especially how my relationship stars is ???? YES I was in a relationship at that time so naturally the first thing I asked him about was relationship and he started looking at my palm and told me many things which brought a smile on my face at that time, but as time passed I learnt whatever he predicted was just mouth wash, just for the sake of acquiring some money he tried to make people happy by telling any random things. But yes as mentioned in the post all palmists would not predict accurately and I think that was my bad I got a bad palmist to read my hand ;). So if you’re planning to visit a palmist soon please make sure to know about the palmist well or else you would be the next victim ????

Min Min

Min Min has enjoyed observing people since her 20s and has noticed 3 temperament patterns that match Keirsey’s theory that she read later in life. She has an innate sense of people’s personalities that helps her to understand others better.

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