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How to Fine Tune your Online Dating Messages

Having an online dating profile has become very popular these days. People access their bank statements online, rent videos online, and now can find love online. However, if you’re new to online dating you likely have a few questions, such as “How can I stand out?” or “How can I get a response from a woman who could be the one?” It starts by getting potential matches to view your profile, and in order for this to happen you must draw the match in with a clever or witty message. Here are a few tips on how to stand out in your online dating messaging.

State the Painfully Obvious

Be aware that while you personally may not be getting any messages, the women that you’re messaging are being bombarded on a daily basis by absolute creeps. A typical message to a woman on an online dating site is usually scandalous, short or just plain rude. Use this to your advantage! Let the girl know that yes, you are aware she receives 10 or 20 messages a day from jerks but you are not one of these desperate guys. Ask her to step out on a limb in order to see that you’re a decent man and a great catch. Being in tune with her problems and letting her know that you are not a creep will greatly increase your chances of receiving a response.

Catch Her Attention

If there’s an option for it on your dating website of choice, a witty subject title will give her incentive to read your message. Most people leave the subject space blank, which is a huge mistake, and doing this will certainly not help you get a response. A good way to leave her wanting more is to leave your subject open-ended.

For example, try sending a subject like “Hey, just wanted to say…”

and then continue what you were saying in the message. Leaving something to draw interest into the message itself will increase the chance that it’s read and replied to.

More than a Few Words

It probably goes without saying, but try to put some serious thought into your messaging. It can be discouraging sending multiple messages out without generating a response, but online dating isn’t easy and you’ll need to keep your heart in it. A girl will want to see that you have put time and effort into your message. Ask a few questions about her online dating profile. If she mentioned hiking being a hobby, bring up a few good spots to hike around your city or town. Keep the comments positive and end your message with a question. Ending a message with a question will give her an incentive to respond so that she can provide you with an answer.

For example: “You’ve got a million messages to sort through but your profile caught my eye when you mentioned you had hiked (insert name of mountain). Haven’t hiked that one but have been around some pretty cool trails in the area. Is that picture from this summer?”

Keep it simple and be polite in your messages and rest assured, you will earn yourself some responses. Update your online dating profile from time to time and remember to stay positive. A match will come your way!

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