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The Way to Express and Interpret Love

If you haven’t heard about the “5 Love Languages”, you really should know and learn your partner’s Love Language and your own Love Language as well. It’s another way other than temperament to help you better communicate with your partner and enhance your love relationship from a different angle – the way you both express and interpret love.

The 5 Love Languages is a concept discovered by Gary Chapman. He noticed that everyone uses one primary Love Language to express and interpret love.

If Love is a language just like English or French, we can easily understand and conclude how important Love Language is. How can a couple communicate and get along if they speak a different language that their partner doesn’t understand?

To learn a language like French or Spanish is not easy, but to learn a Love Language or even all Love Languages is certainly possible.

I was once heavily flattered and when I expressed my opinion that it was too much I was told the guy’s assumption that all girls like sweet words. I wouldn’t say that I dislike sweet words, but they’re not my primary Love Language and they don’t work well to me when they are overused.

I also received gifts that did not work for me either. I appreciate them but I feel like I cannot “afford” them. I also appreciate those who would silently help me but I find myself too independent and whenever I am offered help I would try to solve issues on my own.

When I learned the 5 Love Languages, I realized that people speak different Love Languages and that to improve a relationship we should appreciate the other’s Love Language and also let others know our Love Language. In this way, both parties will be happy.

What’s more, I find that a good way to know a person’s Love Language is to observe the way he or she expresses feelings to you. I was once flattered a lot, then the person who flattered me would probably be happy if I said to him sweet words in return. The person who likes to buy me gifts will probably be happy if I just do the same for him.

My Love Language is the Quality Time, but interestingly, I’m not clingy. What I care about is the quality of the time when spent together but not the length of the time.

What’s your partner’s Love Language? Test it and you’ll figure it out.

Prem says:
September 12, 2013 at 1:29 pm
Love language is very special in its own way. Different people use different interpretations as their love language. For me it was always the eye contact, yes I still remember how we use to communicate using our eyes. I think everybody should try this to see and this could actually tell you whether the person with whom you are in love is into you or not, just look into their eyes and speak casually. I know it’s very difficult to keep a eye contact for long. But you should surely give it a try. Other things we did was exchange sweet messages at morning and night. A single morning message from your loved one can make your day perfect :). Who doesn’t like it when someone cares to message at early morning just to wish you ;)?

Min Min

Min Min has enjoyed observing people since her 20s and has noticed 3 temperament patterns that match Keirsey’s theory that she read later in life. She has an innate sense of people’s personalities that helps her to understand others better.

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