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How Travelling Together Can Improve your Relationship

Travelling is a great way to boost your relationship as a couple, and to learn new, exciting things about each other too. Very often when we head away with our other half we simply head to a beach resort and sit by a swimming pool. This is all very well and good for some couples, but others would benefit more from heading away for a real adventure. There is definitely a difference between a traveller and a tourist, and usually it’s the travellers who learn more about themselves and who benefit more from the experience.

Experiencing all the amazing things that you’re bound to encounter when you go away together travelling will not only fill you with great memories, but you’ll also learn so much about your other half, things you may not even have realised beforehand. So what other tips can I give you in regards to travelling together… well keep reading!


Try something exciting
Activities like bungee jumping and skydiving are a great way to bond together as a couple. Yes, you’ll be terrified beforehand but taking the jump together and encouraging each other can be a really great experience for both of you. The best bit is: once you reach the ground you’ll be so thankful for the experience and you’ll be so thankful for your other half for helping you get there.
Learn something new
If neither of you have ever tried your hand at skiing or snowboarding, then why not book a holiday and learn together? Learning a new skill or sport together can be tricky but it’ll bring you so close together having to practise and encourage each other along the way. And when you’re both experts, you can look back at all those times you fell over and laugh!
Do something life changing
Volunteering abroad with a community less fortunate than your own is something that you’ll remember forever, and it’s something that you’ll find life changing. Your views and opinions will change, as will your whole outlook on life. It’s great to go through this and experience this together too, because then neither of you is left behind. It’s great to grow emotionally together, and doing something like this is bound to get you both there.
Visit somewhere new
There is nothing quite as exciting as exploring somewhere completely new with someone you love. It’s the excitement of never knowing what’s around the next corner – or never knowing what the next street will hold. To share this excitement with your other half is something that will not only bring you closer together, but it’s also something you’re never going to forget either. It’s the kind of great experience where you don’t mind getting lost, because it makes the day even more fun.

Min Min says:
June 27, 2012 at 12:44 am
Hi Elle,

You’re right. Traveller and Tourist are different, and I think that I’m a traveller. I’m more into exploring the culture just like a resident.

Your tips are so great. Some people don’t like the unknown, but I’m the type who likes the unknown.

When a couple travels together the way as you suggested, they not only “travel” together, but they’re also truly “together”.

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