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5 Reasons Why You Should Take your Date to Karaoke

So you’ve been going out with your sweetie for a while, and you’re looking for something new to do. Or maybe you’ve got a big first date coming up, and you really want to impress her. Where can you go other than the standard dinner and a movie? How about turning to one of the most popular pastimes in recent history? Karaoke might not be totally mainstream, but you’re bound to find some singing action in your city somewhere. You might even be lucky enough to have a high-end karaoke establishment that caters to a more sophisticated clientele. But even if you don’t, going to a regular karaoke bar can be a blast as well. Either way, karaoke is a perfect choice for any couple looking to spend quality time together while doing something out of the ordinary. Let’s take a look at why you should take your date to try it.

It’s Memorable – no matter what happens, a night of karaoke is not something you’ll forget anytime soon. And when you’re in the initial stages of dating, isn’t that what you want? You’re still trying to make an impression, and you might be in a position where you have to win her over. What could be better than doing something that she’ll remember for a lifetime? There’s bound to be enough action at your local karaoke establishment to keep you reminiscing for the next few weeks.

Affordable Fun – one of the downsides of dating these days is how expensive it can be. Even going to a movie can be pretty costly. Karaoke isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not going to blow up your wallet either. It also gives you full value for your money because you actually get to be a part of the entertainment. Whether you’re sitting in the crowd or standing up on stage, it’s a lot more interactive than just going to stare at a movie screen for a couple of hours. It basically costs the same as going to a regular bar for a few drinks, and there might be a cover charge for more high scale establishments.

Show off Your Stuff – if your goal is to impress your date, what better way to do it than with a solid performance? Of course you need the voice to back it up, but if you have it, then you should use it. Nothing will surprise her more than demonstrating that you can actually sing. And if you can get the crowd behind you, you’ll feel like a rockstar under the spotlight. It’s a perfect combination that will definitely make you stand out in her eyes.

Do a Duet – if you’re both in the mood to hit the stage, there’s no better way to do it than with a duet. It’s a great way to bond, and one of the best ways to experience karaoke. There’s a lot less pressure when two people are singing at the same time because no one has to bear all of the responsibility. You can playoff of each other while having the stronger singer support the weaker one. And if you both happen to have great voices, then you’ll be making beautiful music together. With the crowd cheering for you and your body’s buzzing with adrenaline, a karaoke duet can bring you closer than ever before.

Enjoy the Show – a lot of people never bother going to karaoke because they think they have to sing in order to enjoy it. This is one of the most unfortunate preconceptions that has prevented a lot of people from paying a visit. Even if you have no intention to sing, a karaoke bar is a great place to bring a date to simply watch the show. There’s always something going on, and there’s bound to be a few great singers in the mix. While you might have to endure a few first timers, a higher-end karaoke restaurant will usually have a better array of talent. Many times the Emcee or host is a professional singer that keeps the entertainment value of the show at a high level.

Karaoke has a natural way of bringing people together. While going out can be a blast, staying at home and cuddling on the couch while singing can be just as fun.

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