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Should I call her

Okay on Monday I went to best buy to get some CDs. As I was walking in I saw one of my brothers old friends(He doesn’t talk to her because he has a girl friend now and she is mad about that)I’ve had a crush on her for quite sometime. So I decided that I was going to try to get her number. So I wandered the whole store for about an hour trying to get the balls to go up to her and talk to her. So I finally pick the CDs I wanted to buy and I went in line(she is a cashier).


There were two cashiers so I had a 50{6cfcd0bdce77e89f6643114f1e6c62d79211dd6f899a492316d2f6e8299594ce} chance that I would get her register. I decided if I didn’t her register then it wasn’t meant to be and I’d go home. But as fate would have it I got her register. So as soon as I walked up I could tell she knew I was my brothers brother, So I used that to break the ice and said “hey your my brothers friend aren’t you”. So we started talking about stuff. Then somehow we started talking about my brother and how much of a punk he is ever since he started going out with his girlfriend.

I was trying so hard to find a way to ask her for her number but couldn’t do it. Then the next person in line came up. So I felt a little rushed(but it was just in my mind)So I decided to say bye and left the store. As I was walking out of the store I told my cousin(my ride) what happened. I felt ashamed that I wimped out. But then I got this gut reaction telling me to go back to her and get her number. So I acted on my gut reaction and went back in. I said “I don’t know where my ride is but I was thinking maybe we should hang out sometime.” She said something like “yeah that would be cool, but do you have a car?” I said “no, I thought you did?” She said “Yeah but I’m not insured.” I was like damn, then I said “well maybe I can work something out, I’ll probably get my car in two weeks.” “She said okay cool.” I said as a test to see if she was serious “I’ll get your number from my brother” she said “No I’ll give it to you now”. She gave me her number and I can’t really remember what happened after that, it all happened so fast. I remember saying bye and leaving. But she was really friendly and cool and had no problem giving me her number.

So I left and went home. I decided that I’ll call her the next day. So the next day comes by and I decided to call her at 9:30 at night(It gives a new episode of the real world on Tuesday at 10, I remember when she used to talk to my brother that she would always be home at that time watching the real world). So I some how got the balls to call her but she didn’t pick up, and I didn’t leave a message. She never returned the call, it made me wonder if she didn’t recognize the number(she should have the number(she used to talk to my brother from my house number), Maybe she didn’t know who it was and because I didn’t leave a message she didn’t call back. But despite that fact I was pretty ashamed that she didn’t call back. So I was ready to give up but then decided to call back but on Thursday.

So on Thursday I came back from work around 1 pm. I decided to call her again. So once again I tried to summon the balls to call again. So I dialed her number, but accidentally pressed the last digit twice, then my sister comes in and says “What are you doing? I’m gonna use the phone. Who are you calling? It’s ringing.” I panicked and told her to hang up. So I wondered if I dialed the last digit twice will it still call her? So I tried that on my cell phone to see if it would call, and it did! So I called her number and only let it ring a few times! I was so mad! So without thinking I called her number, and no one picked up again. But this time I left a message I said something like “Hey Elizabeth(her name), this is Andrew(my name) Oscars(my brother’s name) brother. I was calling to see whats up. When you get back give me a call, bye.”

Like the idiot I am I forgot to leave my number! But I assumed she still has my number because she used to call my house when she talked to my brother. I never gave her my number at best buy because I assumed she still had it. Well now it’s Saturday and still no call. Now I need help on what to do, should I call her and leave my number? But if I call it might make me seem desperate because I called twice plus that mistake call. What if she didn’t call on purpose because she doesn’t want to talk to me? I after all did leave a message saying who I was. Even if she calls she could think “Why is he calling? He doesn’t have a car?”(I have a car but I just need to get my license. I have started practicing driving so I should be ready for the test in two weeks). Should I go back to best buy when I have a car? Should I just give up? What would you do?

– Wordno

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  1. I personally think that you shouldn’t worry to much. You are analyzing this situation way to much, [atleast this early into your relationship…?] no worries we all do it 😛
    But all you need to do is look at it from her perspective; a [potentially..?] nice guy whom you may noe well from a former relationship’s brother…would like to hang out…hmmm, Unless you might of been very open, telling her how you like her, you should just calm down. She probably has no idea of you crush. Ask her if she would like to hang out. Maybe see a movie, go bowling with some friends. Make it casual. It’s up to you. I’m just the one giving you advice. So don’t be nervous, have fun and be rational. And don’t analyze it to much go with your gut, good luck !
    Oh and remember don’t forget to give her needed information such as your number.

  2. okay thats a hard one well how about u go up to best buy and u pretend u are buying something pretend like u cant find it and tell her u r shy to ask anyone else(girls like that)and that she was the only one she u r walking bring up the telephone message and ask if she has your# if she does u dont have to worry about it she was probably busy when u called

  3. You should find her and talk to her…like pretend one day you see her at best buy again and you say…”Hey..i called you last time but you never picked up..are you like ok..” You should start like that..but is she older than you or u older than her?? but something is kind of suspicious about should tell me more to find out….good Luck

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