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Custom Love – A New Age of Online Dating

It’s hard to believe that dating sites once had to “sell” the idea of online dating to people who were far too nervous to even log in to a chat room.  Nowadays, everyone has their own dating site or at least a Facebook profile that looks sort of like an online dating profile.  Yes, the world has embraced online dating as a viable solution for finding love.  And while 1990s “love bites” cynicism was once the flavor of the day, today we live in a world of customized solutions.


Customize Your Passion

Now lovers, singles and anyone with a yearning heart can go out and find precisely what he or she wants courtesy of the online dating service.  What was once dismissed as an unromantic notion (the idea of taking romance to a computer screen) is now seen as the most logical, the most erotic and the most emotionally satisfying solution to loneliness.  After all, when you go online, you have an entire world of possibilities, and a wide selection to choose from, from casual affairs to niche or “extreme” connections, to long-term commitment, and even shared faith partnerships.  You get precisely what you want and in the end, isn’t this what romance really is?  The ability to dream of finding something so specific and so complementary, and then to discover it a short distance away?  In the end, compatibility is what you want.  Compatibility is what makes happy romances, as opposed to those Eminem-Rihanna music videos.  Online dating is all about customizing your relationship, not just killing time on a keyboard.

And true, it is an idea that a generation ago might have found offensive to the very idea of romance.  Just like, rock and roll was once offensive to the senses; just like, premarital nookie was once an abomination to one’s reputation.  Hey, times change and it’s clear that the 2000 era is all about the ME experience.  Frankly, customization is the best shot we have at overcoming that 50/50 divorce rate.  Perhaps if we were to spend less time flirting with disaster and more time flirting with someone who really matches our needs and wants, we would be headed in the right direction.

Text for the Memories

One of the most interesting aspects I find about modern dating is the instant messaging options.  Of course, most singles are anxious to progress beyond text chatting and to go straight into video chat (i.e. sites like Omegle and Chat Roulette).  True, and it is indeed a thrill to know what your potential partner looks like in real time.  However, the text chat feature (what usually starts a conversation) is one of the most brilliant aspects of the online date because it allows you to do the unthinkable—to create a long lasting memory by saving the chat as a text file or as a chat log.

It’s something that our parents before us could hardly have fathomed—the idea of recording a first encounter, and perhaps an entire courtship, so that one day one could look back on the first time and reminisce.  Indeed, it is quite an odd feeling to read your own texts years after the fact and wonder, “What was I thinking?” or “I can’t believe I said that!”  Reading old texts with your sweetheart may even be a sort of “loaded question” scenario, similar to a relationship board game.  Indeed, what were you thinking when you confessed THAT and when you implied THAT?  And I can’t believe all I said was LOL in response.  Why, it’s the new generation’s equivalent of the embarrassing high school yearbook picture!

A Community of Lovers

Whether you’re lurking at Adult Friend Finder or making new friends at Zoosk, one thing is very apparent: customers don’t just want the dating service anymore.  They want the community.  They want their own virtual “bar” where they can go in and enjoy the many unique amenities.

They come in for the webcam chat, but they stay for the blogs, they enter the contests, take part in the group games, and of course, when it’s time to stop cyber-dancing the night away, they get serious by narrowing and localizing their search so they can have a deep conversation with someone guaranteed to be fun.  One of the greatest things about online dating is that you can walk into a community and buy anyone a drink, from a single person to a married mistress, to a transsexual, gay or lesbian partner or even the BDSM master you’ve always wanted.  Another awesome trend: finding dates according to shared allergies!  You know you’re going to have better sex when you finally find that smoldering vegetarian hottie, or that gluten-free guy with the great gluteus maximus.

These are amazing times, folks, and we now have unlimited potential to go out and find the love we long for.  Now is the time to embrace passion, to super-size it just the way you like, and to order seconds and thirds and fourths.  Take a chance…join the online dating world and explore your potential.

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