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3 Useful Tips for the Right Online Dating Profile

Gather 10 strangers off the street and inquire how many have ventured into the world of internet dating.  I can assure you there will be a massive gap between the number of people who have tried it, and the number of people who actually admit this.

But these people shouldn’t be ashamed as they most certainly are not alone.

In the interest of meaningfully contributing to the intellectual and spiritual progress of the human species, I have decided to compile a list of useful tips for those who are as yet un-initiated in the world of online dating.

The Photo

I guess I should start by saying that the following points are not a guide on how to find someone on the internet – they are just some things that might help you along the way.

The photo on your profile is the first thing any prospective lover will look at; first impressions have to be good in the online world, so make sure that:

  • Your profile photo is recent and shows the viewer what you actually look like
  • Your profile picture should be you and you alone. Resist the urge to use a picture of you with your dog (to show how much you like animals), your friends ( to show how popular you are) or members of the opposite sex ( to show that you are capable of communicating with them in a non pervy/desperate/ weird way)
  • If possible, your picture should show you doing something that you really enjoy. This will not only give a flavour of who you are but can serve as a great conversation starter when you finally start talking.

The username

  • Don’t try and show people how clever you are, but don’t plonk for a boring name like ‘Bob349.’ Try and get across a flavour of who you are.
  • It’s probably best to avoid anything too provocative like ‘kissmeiamdrunk’
  • Try to avoid those really strange looking jumbles of letters and numbers sequences

The Description

  • Like real life, it is better not to drone on for 5 pages about the amazing life journey that has brought you to this. Exact. Point. In. Time. Save that for the first date.
  • For the love of god, please remember to check your spelling!
  • Your description should be about 3 paragraphs long, one featuring who you are and what you do, the second should be about your individual likes and dislikes and the third should be about how your life and routine is at the moment
  • Be unique and unafraid of who you are- If you don’t like long walks and films then say so.

If you follow these simple points, people should be able to perceive what kind of person you are right away; the key is to find the right balance between individuality and accessibility.

You should also remember that the success rate for internet dating is probably higher than you think!

If you do get a date, your prospective lover will already know far more about you than a normal first date would, so just stay calm and just be yourself!

Anyone else got any tips, or have I missed something out?

Elise Lévêque is a lively and ambitious freelance translator who moved from Paris after meeting her fiancé. She’s well-known for her love of parties and shopping, and loves to blog.

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