Long Distance Relationship

How to Spend Time Together When You Are 5,000 Miles Apart

How to Make Long Distance Love Work

Being in a relationship is hard and distance between you can make that even harder. Keep them on their toes and show them you love them. Don’t ever let things get dull.

Here are five tips to help make your long distance relationship work.

Randomly send an email with a little note saying how thankful you are for them. Tell them one new thing you love about them. Give them a hint that there is a sexy surprise coming their way. It will totally make their day. And who knows? Maybe one day you can expect a random, day-making email of your own.

Distance can be really hard. Let your love know you’re thinking of them and can’t wait to see them next by putting together a care package. Over a week or two when you’re out and about (or online) and you happen to see something that totally screams their name and you know they will love, Scoop it up. Pick up a few favorite candies, a sweet card with a photo, that book they have been eyeing and maybe a little something they can use to treat themselves. Package it up pretty and send it off. It’ll be a wonderful surprise with a personal touch.

It’s so easy to just text or shoot off an email lately, that we sometimes forget how impersonal it can be. Pick up the phone and call your significant other. Listen to each other’s voices and laughs instead of reading words and lolz. Hear them say “I love you” and “good night” instead of picking up your phone when the text light flashes. You will both feel loved and reassured. Promise.

Long distance and happy hour or dinner dates? They can still totally work! Grab a bottle of wine, cook up something delicious (or order in if you’re feeling lazy), fire up that webcam and have dinner and drinks while talking. Skype dates are a great alternative to when you can’t be together for in the flesh.

Movie night. Yes, this totally sounds weird for a long distance relationship, but it could totally. Pick up the same DVD or both of you record the same thing on DVR and watch it together. Have the phone on speaker or even your webcam on so you can laugh, swoon or even cry with the other.

Surprise! Count those airline miles or gas up the car and get ready to use a vacation day or two. Take a long weekend and just show up. Chances are they will think this is the best thing ever and make some time. You two can hit the town or sit on the couch and make out while watching your favorite show. Nothing beats in persons who catch up time!

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