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3 Reasons Why Dressing Well Gets You the Girl

If you are having trouble meeting girls and getting dates, perhaps it is time to look at what you are wearing. Guys who dress in a flattering and fashionable way are much more likely to get female attention than guys who don’t put effort into their appearance.

“Why does it matter how I dress?” you might be asking, “if I meet the right girl, won’t she love me for who I am, no matter what I am wearing?”

Dress WellYes, it is true that when you meet your special someone she will love who you are even in your stained sweatpants and old t-shirts. However, just because your future girlfriend will love you even when you look like a slob it doesn’t mean that she will pick you out of a crowd when you turn up at the bar dressed that way. First impressions are important and she will likely look past you if you look boring and scruffy. Feel free to break out the sweatpants when you are a couple, but when you are first catching her eye you need something more impressive.

You will increase your chances of meeting a high quality girl if you put a little bit more effort in the way that you dress. You don’t have to wear a suit every day; you just have to show that you care a little bit about the way you look. Here are some of the reasons why it works:

It Shows That You Can Take Care of Yourself
One of the biggest turn offs for a girl is a guy of whom she has to take care all the time; it makes her feel like she is your mom. If she looks at you and sees that you are wearing a wrinkly shirt, dirty trousers and mismatched socks, she can tell that you don’t do your laundry or ironing and is afraid that if she is in a relationship with you she will end up doing it for you.
Your clothes give people a visual perception of who you are, so be sure to show potential girlfriends that you are at least capable of staying clean, pressed and well dressed.

You Can Pretend You Are Better Looking Than You Are
Another great advantage of dressing well and keeping yourself well groomed is that it will make you look more attractive than you really are. If you are slightly chubby, the right cut of jacket and trousers can hide your belly and make you look slimmer. If you are too skinny looking, layering the right articles of clothing can add some much needed bulk to your frame. Choosing clothes in the right colours can highlight your skin tone and bring out the colour of your eyes. With the right clothing an average looking guy can attract more attention than a really good looking guy who is dressed like a slob.

She Will Know that She Can Take You Anywhere

When you are dressed well, you demonstrate that you are able to put together an outfit for any situation that you are in, whether it is hanging out at the pub, going to the cinema or going out for dinner. This will let her know that no matter where she wants to go with you when you are dating, you will be able to fit in and not look out of place. If she wanted to bring you to meet her parents or as a date to her cousin’s wedding, she needed to know that you would be able to look respectable and not like just rolled out of bed.

These are just a few of the reasons why dressing well can really impress a girl and get you dates, so why not improve your fashion sense and see what it does to your love life?

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