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4 Sure-Fire Methods He’s Yours

If you are just simply dreaming from afar about the man of your dreams, it’s time to snap out from your reverie and make some action. Here are four proven ways you can make a man want you. It’s not simply donning your best padded bra ( although that helps ) under your clothes but check out the best ways you can make him truly yours.

1. Don’t Treat Him Like  Your Girlfriends. There are things which you might appropriately share with your girlfriends but not with the guy you wish to attract with.  It’s a no-no to talk about the man on the other table while the two of you are dining out. The same is true with tagging him along on shopping for shoes or padded bra. It is not good to see him carrying all your shopping bags. Talk about appropriate topics during dates which means you would not normally dish about clothes and the latest trend in fashion.

Guy Unhappy Shopping

2. Be Generous with Compliments. When you show that you are thankful even for the little things, that will make a difference. Showing your appreciation will mean a lot. Men sometime need a boost on their ego. Letting him feel important will somehow do that.


3. Show that You Are Interested with What He is Doing. Showing interests in what he loves to do another plus. Of course, don’t overdo it. Men can sense if you are just pretending. Don’t say something negative about his  hobby or what he does best.

What is he doing

4. Show Grace and Class in Your Actions. Men will be smitten with women who embody grace and show class in their actions.  They will always appreciate women who still have that air of mystery. Being loud and flirty will not at all please men but will somehow give another impression.

Classy Lady

The four effective tips on attracting the guy you like will go a very long way if you start applying them now. Attracting the guy that you truly believe embodies the qualities of a great partner in life will become easier. No more clueless days where men is concerned and you know what to do when you are in a situation with him. Goodbye to awkward moments and hello to the new and confident you. Get to wear your best clothes and be confident inside out.

Several tips will still help you in your quest to attract the best  man in life. When you apply them, you have more control and you will be able to calm yourself when the guy you like is just around the corner.

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