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4 Simple but Useful Do’s and Don’ts on the Dating Scene

Some simple but useful advice about the world of dating today

Embarking on your first date with someone you’re keen on is rarely a relaxing experience. Thinking about one thousand and one things on the night the “datees” rarely come across as themselves and telling them to “relax” often ends up with at best a scathing look and at worst a few choice words. Dating is such an abundant scene…because of this it’s also complicated. When deciding on location, attire, conversation and tactics there are most certainly safer and more favourable options to help take the “cringe” aspect out of those first few hours.


Use the internet
Whether you love or hate cyber-space, it’s here to stay. There are a lot of well publicized dangers with using the internet to meet people so be careful, be wary and stay safe when looking for love online. Use a reputable community and be sure to check out how they ensure the safety of their members prior to joining. Chat online to a person before meeting them as this can be a great way to ease some of that pre-date tension. Despite its dangers the internet can be a great way to meet people; with modern life delivering more hectic schedules and by living in a smaller and more accessible world, our options when using the usual channels can seem be surprisingly limited nowadays. Broaden your chances and get an online profile.

Be honest
Speaking from the heart (and from experience), honesty invariably is always the best policy. Most of us have a past, all of us have flaws and none of us is perfect but honesty is one of those positive qualities that should be exercised from the outset. A little white lie to make us seem different or more appealing to the other person in the beginning can often turn in to an enormous lie and lay a shaky foundation for a relationship.

Be honest with yourself about the type of person you want to date too – we live in an increasingly tolerant society. Whether you’re a cougar looking for a younger date or don’t want to date across cultures, don’t try to fit the mould of something you’re not.

They’re an ex for a reason…leave them that way
Going out on a date for the purposes of a rebound is unlikely to end well. Similarly, being on a date and talking about how wonderful your ex was, is not likely to end well either. Find out about the person you’re choosing to spend your evening with on the date. They have nothing to do with your past and are probably much more interested in your present and future so leave the past in its place for the night.

First impressions count – but don’t always count first impressions
As much as you’ll be nervous and may say or do something completely out of character, so might your date. Don’t call things off at the slightest error and give the person a fair chance – if the situation was reversed. You’d like the same first impression leniency, and you might even find it endearing!

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