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The Game of Dating Success

If you’re a guy and you’ve become desperate in the world of dating, you may be turning to the internet for success. This powerful tool the “internet” can answer many problems and make us feel like geniuses in almost any subject of line. If you go to the internet about dating, then chances are you might have heard about ‘The Game.” You are probably wondering what is it. And does it really work.  Thoughts may be churning in your mind whether there is a secret key to get any woman to go out with you.  Perhaps, that is what moved you to check out this article about, “The Game.”

If this is the reason, you’re here, good news, you have found the right place. You will discover what the game is,  and whether it can really turn you into someone desirable.

What is The Game?

There are lots of things that call themselves the game (there’s that game that you play by not thinking about the game for instance – which you can just lose by the way). But in this case ‘In “The Game” there are  a set of rules and practices outlined on the internet and in books to help men attract women. If you believe this hype that’s being spread to desperate needy men,  any nerd that uses “The Game” can pull a beautiful buxom blonde – even if she’s in a relationship.  By simply believing in some hocus pocus, you will find that dream woman.

This movement garnered a bit of attention. And there are rules and terms that you can follow to become better at it.  This is preached by a bunch of guys who call themselves things like “Shadow.” It is assume that this name is given, because the guy who uses “The Game” also loves Dragon Ball Z…

How Does it Work?

But, don’t be mislead – I’m not writing this off as something simply or geeks.  If you read the book, there are lessons and ideas that can genuinely help anyone become more generally confident  in their abilities to develop skills in attracting women. Any form of self development is important. So, I’m not knocking it.


Generally the concepts preached by The Game, revolves around the evolutionary theory of human psychology. It is based on the theory that women are looking for men who are a good catch. Men who are going to provide good genetic material and resources for their children. It is thought that the shy weedy guy won’t do well, until he learns to send signals, he is the more confident one, and holds some secret.

This is done in several ways by him. First, he will subtly knock the confidence of the woman he is interested in with sly comments. (negging) This makes her feel insecure, wanting his approval. He then may show off his resources. And boldly break social standard norms, that most people abide by. (peacocking) This is meant to show he’s well off and highly resourceful.

He also will work on his approach and his general aura of confidence to make himself more of a catch. If you read the book titled “The Game,” you will be required to go through several challenges, such as, chatting with strangers in the street, to overcome any social inhibitions and fears, that is hindering you, from following the tenets of this book.

Abandoning what was your core beliefs, before reading the book, directs you toward a life that’s different from the one you known.

For some, The Game has merit. If you can absorb the lessons and apply the positive elements that the book outlined, to areas of your life, it could help you progress in your relationship and career. I’m not saying The Game is great. It is nerdy and  amoral to some. But read the book, and judge for yourself, if it has value that you can use.

John Simpsons is an avid blogger who has great knowledge in the field of human psychology, hypnosis and meditation.

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