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Spice Up Your Love Life with Love Horoscopes

Can Horoscopes Spice Up Your Love Life?

If your relationship is not as exciting in the bedroom as it could be, you may want to try to spice up your love life with love horoscopes. These horoscopes are not based solely on the sun sign of the person (the sign they are born under) but take into account their Venus sigh (the position of Venus when they were born). Once you begin to get a fuller idea of who you are with, you will be amazed at how things will begin to heat up.



The first thing you should look at is how compatible the two of you are.  If, on first reading, you discover that the two of you are not compatible this does not mean you throw away that relationship and go shopping for one that is.  Love horoscopes only take into account a small portion of what goes in to making up a relationship, you should really look at a full horoscope to get an idea of how actually compatible you are.

Who goes best together?

Here is a quick list of the best love matches by sun sign:

  • Taurus – Scorpio
  • Aries – Libra
  • Gemini – Sagittarius
  • Leo – Sagittarius
  • Cancer – Taurus
  • Virgo – Scorpio
  • Aquarius – Sagittarius
  • Scorpio – Pisces
  • Libra – Libra
  • Capricorn – Virgo
  • Pisces – Scorpio

Wait a minute, why aren’t they all the same?

Ah, now you are beginning to see why it is so important to look beyond just the superficial. In order to spice up your love life using a love horoscope you have to have an in depth one. Every person is a complicated set of dualities – the generous and just Libra can also be the worst enemy you can ever make. The kind Pisces can come undone due to naiveté.

If you can begin to learn what it is that makes someone who they are – both their strengths and their weaknesses, you will be better able to create an environment that allows them to be safe and to bring all of themselves into the relationship. Being able to be vulnerable and being able to trust each other is at the core of all good love relationships. That is not just about the emotion of love, but it is essential to the physical expressions of love too.


Read the love horoscopes carefully to get a feel for your partner’s style and your own. If your partner is a Leo, ten to one they are going to be all in for outside adventures, public displays of affection and maybe some role playing before they get to romance. If you are a Libra, it’s the hint and suggestion that is delivered with jewelry and fine wine that is going to open hearts.

After you have read the love horoscopes, sit back and think for a moment about your history in the relationship. Where have both of you acted as your sign is described in the horoscope and when have either of you done something for the other that was “just perfect” and also something that is in the description of your sign? It is important that you recognize these moments because it will do much to teach you how to act.


Certain zodiac signs are more prone to be adventurous than others. Some signs want more of home and gentleness before they will become open to trying something new. What about you? Just because something seems like a way to spice your love life up it may be best to stop and think about what you have learned from the love horoscope. Not everything will appeal to everybody.

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