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Are You Afraid Of Falling In Love?

Even though, I speak about my marriage today, you mustn’t overlook that for ten years, I used to be a serial dater, a single and annoyed struggling author who went out with a whole lot of girls in notoriously bizarre and shallow Los Angeles.

I would show mendacity, if I didn’t admit to certain factors that make me wonder whether or not there was anyone available that I could meet. I wasn’t positive monogamy was for me, or if I could deal with all of the compromises essential to being with someone as a couple.

Then I grew to become a courting coach.  I listened to men.  I listened to women. I noticed the commonalities. I began making use of what I discovered to my own life. And I in the end I received quite a bit of expertise, based on what’s primarily important in married life. I didn’t rely on an informed guess, or a leap of religion, to invest in someone of character and kindness.

What a call I made!

After three years of marriage, I’ve come to the revolutionary conclusion that in a superb marriage, you don’t surrender any freedom in any respect. You acquire it.

When I used to be single, I was free to exit on Friday evening to events or bars on the Sunset Strip. I was free to engage in fashionista fashion, over thumping bass music and purchased my date drinks to her satisfaction. I was free to take out random girls for dinner. I sought them out, whether there was a connection or not.

So what form of freedom did I surrender after I got married? Only this: I gave up the dangerous practice of  sleeping with strangers. Everything else is an internet adventure.

I’m free to behave like myself around my spouse. I’m free to be moody and brusque, if I feel like it. I’m free to retreat to my workplace to read the Huffington Post or view Or take a look at photos of Kim Kardashian on celeb web sites. I’m free to play the guitar poorly and complain about my tight hamstrings. I’m free to observe soccer with my mates or go to Vegas for a bachelor social gathering. I’m free to be a giver — to seek out new methods to make my spouse blissful. And to purchase her gifts, she wouldn’t think of requesting.

As a consequence, NOBODY is freer than I am. I have a partner in marriage, who loves me for me. She doesn’t look for me to change, nor treats me like I’m her hero.

She knows that I’m not perfect. And she’s smart enough to spend considerable time reminding me why she loves me.  This covers all my imperfections that she cannot fix. In return, she receives the fullness of my love and devotion.

This is what can occur if you make the right choice in who you marry.

So, for those of you, who has heard what’s been said here— you have concluded that this can never happen to you. Because the man that you know, is, verbally abusive, demands that you lose weight, belittles your ideas, and refuses to treat you with honor and respect.

All I’ve to say to you is:

STOP selecting an unsuitable person!

To have peace, to really get the liberating feeling of being cherished and accepted for who you are, completely, make it your priority to find someone who will provide all these things to you.

“Loves me unconditionally and accept who I am”.

Despite the inherent compromises of marriage (we now have a pink child room, for instance), I can guarantee you, there’s not one second I had to fake being something that I’m not. This is pleasure. This is freedom. And it’s attainable!

All you have to do, is, compromise on a couple of non-essential issues.

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