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Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations For Your Marriage?

I’m firmly within the camp that claims amour is nice, however there is no such thing as a 40-year marriage primarily based on amour. You need to have consolation.

So think about my delight after I stumbled upon this text from a girl who has been married for 19 years and has redefined what’s necessary to her over the course of time. At the start, it was unique holidays and unrealistic expectations. Now, it’s one thing totally different, one thing much more significant. Says the creator, Lisa Smith Molinari:

“We didn’t meet our unique expectations, we’ve exceeded them. Back after we have been dreaming of a lifetime of romance uninhibited by duty, stress, and growing older, we couldn’t absolutely comprehend the complexity and depth of the marital relationship.

What we didn’t perceive then is that romance is greater than candlelight dinners and adventurous journey. The basis of long-term romance is basically dedication, companionship and luxury.”

After all this time, do you continue to suppose {that a} lifetime relationship relies extra on amour than on consolation?

And in that case, is amour the proof for it?

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