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Bedroom Etiquette – 5 Essential Do’s & Don’ts

When one’s sex life is fulfilling and fun, it’s a very special thing that can be difficult to live without.

I personally believe that a healthy relationship needs a strong sexual connection, and establishing sexual rapport in a new relationship is an important part of the process.

But like everything in life, there are certain etiquettes to follow in the bedroom.

You can thank me later!


1) Give encouragement and praise

There’s nothing more discouraging than a completely silent partner.

Incorporate sentences like, ‘that feels so good’, or ‘I love how you’re doing that’. This does not necessarily equate to dirty talk, which can feel a bit embarrassing to start with. It’s merely an indication that things are going well.

Everyone needs a pat on the head from time to time – even in bed!

2) Spend time on foreplay

This is the best way to know how your partner’s body responds to certain things. It warms you both up for what comes next, and also says ‘I’m a considerate lover’.

It’s not a race to the finish line, so enjoy the build up and take your time.

3) Discuss contraception

Fellas, if she says she is on the pill, that’s fine, but in new relationships make sure to wear a condom too.

4) Return the favour

Guys, if she spends time going down on you, it’s just bad manners not to go down on her. Fact.

5) Make eye contact

To me there is nothing sexier than locking eyes while being locked in passion.

It’s almost like your souls connect.

Hot stuff!


1) Bring up the ex

It’s extremely bad form to mention how your ex was in bed.

Whether it’s a, ‘You’re so much better than my ex’, or a ‘Don’t worry I can handle rough, my ex was an animal’, you’re drawing an unwelcome comparison when your partner is at their most vulnerable.

2) Introduce kink too quickly

After the first few sexual encounters, things are still on soft ground, so it might not be the best time to bring out the handcuffs.

If you’re into kink, build the groundwork slowly, and determine whether or not this is something your partner may be into.

Oh and guys? Don’t go straight for the back door without asking, it’s rude.

We never fall for the old, ‘it slipped’, either!

3) Be afraid to take control

If one person is doing all the work, both partners will end up feeling tired/lazy and maybe slightly resentful.

Switch positions often and remember that it’s about both of you.

4) Wear your most expensive lingerie

You know you have a gorgeous collection of sexy lingerie that he will enjoy just as much.

If you wear nothing but your best lingerie all the time, it will set an expectation. When you get comfortable and start wearing your granny pants and mismatching bra, he’ll just end up feeling cheated.

5) Let your pets on the bed

A dog humping your leg is the quickest way to destroy a romantic mood!

So there you have it. Sorry if it made you blush!

Please share any more DO’s and DON’Ts that you have come across in your sexual adventures.

…Go on, don’t be shy!

Susannah Perez is a fashion and lingerie blogger with a special passion for sex and relationships. Deemed the office sex guru, she strives to administer tips that will make everyone better lovers.

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