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Why Do My Parents Dislike My Boyfriend?


Lover vs Parents

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No one can live your life but you.” This is true, however, when your parents dislike your boyfriend, the situation is not so simple and becomes tough.

The first question you should ask yourself is: why do my parents dislike my boyfriend, and what’s more, why do they want me to leave my boyfriend? The answer makes things clear: Your parents love you and want you to live a happy life in the future. Based on their own experiences and knowledge, they are afraid that you will not be happy living with your boyfriend in the future, especially when your boyfriend had a bad past. In this case, your parents are reasonable. If they didn’t care about you, they won’t even be concerned about whom you were with and would just hope you get married and leave them as soon as possible.

If you are seriously being in love with this boy and you want it to last but you don’t want your parents to be mad, then do something to show them how much you love him, tell them why you love him so much and ask them how they would feel if their parents said they couldn’t have had each other.

If you have reasons, your parents will listen and understand you, since they love you. If your parents are not convinced, then it means there’s something wrong and you will probably be aware of what’s wrong. Grecia leos said, “If I would have listened to them [her parents] at the beginning I wouldn’t be here crying.”

On the other hand, I hope that your parents will take the time to discuss their concerns with you instead of simply forbidding you to meet him.

Boyfriend or Parents, that is a complicated question and the answer varies.

We managed to find a shortcut to help you make an informed decision: Please simply take this quiz and you’ll get an answer tailored to your situation.

dieselfit says:
September 9, 2013 at 10:56 am
You make a good point about parents here. Parents will love to listen but I think they are too stereotypical. Sometimes stereotypes do work and parents love using them, but they really don’t know about our choices until they step into our shoes. So until then, they should try to listen to us as much as possible before making the average radical choices that parents make!

Prem says:
September 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm
It’s really a complicated situation when we are stuck between our parents and lover. And how thing changes drastically when we give more love to the lover than parents, why we not thankful to them (parents) first who brought us to this world? Let’s keep this aside now. If you truly love someone wholeheartedly and if you think you can’t live without your lover then you need to work really hard to make your parents like your lover and if you’re smart enough then it’s hardly a matter of time. First ask your lover to be polite and be gentle enough to make an impression. Parents just want their children’s to be happy and they always fear thinking what if their child get into wrong hands and suffer in future, but this could be avoided if you make sure to let your know that your choice not that bad and you’re in safe hands. It will take time but it’s not impossible. One last thing I want to say don’t hurt your parents and go against them at the same time don’t leave your lover too if and only if your LOVE is TRUE.

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