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What do Senior Guys Want with Freshmen Girls?

My older brother is a senior and i am a freshman. i hang out with my bro all the time, hes one of my best friends and i am gonna miss him more than my parents when he leaves for college next year. i hang out with him and his friends a lot, and i have for about 3 or 4 years. they all know me on a personal level and after a year or two they werent just my brothers friends, but mine too.


on xmas eve this year i went with my family to a party that my brothers closest friend, let’s call him Z, was throwing. well, actually it was his parents. there were mostly adults and just a few teenagers that Z wanted to come. i was hanging out with all my and my brothers friends and Z kept flirting with me.

i was always sort of used to it. all of my older guy friends through my bro liked to flirt with me a little, but my brother has a good 6 or 7 inches on all of them and would severely hurt any of them if he thought he needed too (hes slightly over protective, but i love him!)

so i was used to Z, and all the other guys there for that matter, flirting with me a little, sorta to bother my brother i think. but on xmas eve it was over the top. he wasnt talking to my brother at all, or any of his other guests really, just me. he was singling me out in a way i dont recognize from him. i know him well and this is something else.

when we were walking upstairs, not to do anything… his friends were upstairs on the computer, he put his arm around my shoulder. he looked behind us and muttered to me that he saw my brother and he was lucky he wasnt looking, suggesting at what walking upstairs looked like.

at another time, when my brother, Z, and i were talking he started to talk about my necklace (i was wearing a low cut black dress for the event, not ultra revealing, but most evening wear is low cut) and staring at my chest! if my necklace was shorter then i wouldn’t have thought much of it, but it was a longer necklace to compliment the low cut dress, so he was LITERALLY staring at my boobs with my brother right next to him. i glanced at my brother and i thought he was going to break the wall next to him. i was afraid i was going to get caught in the middle of my brother attacking Z. so i quickly changed the subject.

later when i saw him sitting alone in the basement, where the teenagers often play poker or watch tv, he looked up and almost jumped out of the chair to hug me.

i had known him for 4 years and he had never felt the need to hug me. even when i left his house i would just say a short farewell phrase and leave with my brother. this was so… strange.

if it were anyone but Z, i would be sure with the over-the-top flirting and everything else that happened on xmas eve, that he sorta had a thing for me. but its not anyone, its Z. hes my brothers best friend and has been for years. i trust him in a non peer who treats me like a peer sort of way. i am so confused by how he was acting! he has never shown an interest so seriously before that night.

i sat around and thought about it for a long time… thinking through everything that happened and if i had somehow misunderstood him walking to stand close to me each time i walked in the room, the way he ignored other to talk to me, but i couldn’t fathom it. the only thing that i could do for the longest time was thinking. in my dreams, while i ate, as i ignored the ringing phone. nothing. i may not be an adult with tons of life experiences, but when you’re there, when it’s happening, you can just tell when someone is acting interested.

i took that and the only thing i could decide on was this–
what do seniors want with freshman?
what do senior GUYS want with freshmen GIRLS?
it was a little to obvious… and so i am suspicious. has anyone on the goddamn website heard of a guy who is 17 being genuinely interested in a 15 year old?

i dont think i have. and so i am conflicted. what is the best way to respond to such a situation, when i see his motives a little too clearly…?

– Rachael

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