Parent-Teen Relationships

He Got Her Parents’ Approval with a Movie

This story is about a couple named John and Stephanie and they met through a very popular website called YouTube. They both loved making videos and they both started to watch each other’s videos without the other person ever knowing. They both started to become big “fans” of each other without ever knowing that the other person knew about the other. John was an avid filmmaker while Stephanie was a very good singer that had her own fanbase. As these two continued to get more popular, they started to think that “I’ll never be good enough.”

After months of watching her videos, John knew that he needed to at least try to talk to her. He mustered up the guts to message and that’s when things started. John and Stephanie added each other on Facebook and they started to “ask questions” that they already knew the answers to because of their videos. They both lived in Sydney, Australia and so the situation could not have been more perfect. However, things got confusing when Stephanie needed to fly to America to continue her career as a nurse. Since things weren’t official yet, Stephanie decided that it would be better to pursue her career and not let John hold her back.

They continued to get closer despite the fact that they were far and only met once. This was very tough on Stephanie since she always followed her parents and they told her that she shouldn’t have a boyfriend yet. John understood and so they stayed very close friends. As the months went by, the two continued to talk and then Stephanie started to have the urge to let her parents know. However, there were two problems that neither one of them could fix. Stephanie’s parents had no idea who John was and since they met online, her parents would instantly think that he is a “stranger.”

John also did not have a stable career yet as a filmmaker and so things just seemed extremely tough for the both of them. They felt stuck and John knew that he needed to fix things. He flew to her parent’s hometown in Orlando, Florida and had a very long talk about how he felt for Stephanie and he even made a movie for them to see just how much he loves her. This was extremely touching for her parents and they knew that John was indeed perfect for her. John and her parents all flew to Stephanie in San Francisco and surprised her and all their problems were finally solved. This love story of John and Stephanie is not the typical story but it is indeed a sign that true love still exists.

After years of waiting, the two were finally reunited outside of the internet world and the two were able to get married. With a wedding that had red roses and everything that you can imagine, one thing that stood out was the amount of guests that had cameras out and they were all making YouTube videos for their own channels.

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