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My Boyfriend Puts me in an Alley with a Dead-End Sign

If someone out there relates don’t hesitate to comment. I have a relationship with someone for 1 year and things have been rocky and good but lately and before we’ve been arguing and I don’t know why it’s hard for him to accept my apologies from the beginning of the arguing.


I do make mistakes but i’m always willing to say i’m sorry. How can I fix this “honey”? Is there something else I can do other than say i’m sorry. I’m always willing to go out of my way whether i’m right or wrong. And it seems he wants to get so mad and go on and on and makes me really frustrated and then I begin to cry because he puts me in an alley with a dead-end sign and I feel emotionally drained and tired by the time we end everything peacefully usually 2 hours when we usually get really into it which happens 3 o 4 times a month and maybe it’s not so bad for other people but if you felt as sucked died from energy as me it takes at least a couple of days to recover and re-cooperate energy.

And for the next few days I feel sad, really sad even if he says things that he doesn’t mean and then says i’m sorry. I keep playing them in my head over and over. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to use his common sense and listen to me and not be so resentful.

I need some relationship advice really soon and really bad. I don’t want to end the relationship but these thoughts enter my head. Should I stay? He may leave me with no other choice but to end everything. I do love him and that’s why i’m doing lots of research on what can be done. I feel so alone, helpless, sad, frustrated, down, gloomy and a little depressed you could say. Why?

– Maira

Min Min says:
March 20, 2010 at 11:23 am
You are already hurt and you will be heartbroken if this continues, especially when the relationship ends. The mistake you make is that you are dancing alone.

The more effort you do the more pain you get and the more you want to stay with him. Because you invest so much time, energy and feeling, the more you invest the more return you expect.

Unfortunately, your investment is a wrong decision.

The pain is unavoidable and hope you will be strong. Next time learn to invest on someone who deserves.

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