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My Boyfriend Never Calls me and Never Texts Me

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year. We’ve had some pretty hard times at first but always seemed to get through it. These past couple of months he has no time for me. He snaps at me a lot when I call him. I understand he’s taking some difficult classes this year, but he knew going in how hard they would be, and even had the choice of getting an easier teacher, but he didn’t and I supported him.


I don’t think he needs to get his frustration out on me. He even has started joking around about it on some days, how I should punch him for being such a jerk to me. He never calls me, he never texts me, I see him once a week and if i’m lucky it will not result in a fight.

He recently quit his job as well. Sometimes he asks if it’s okay if he flirts with other girls? How am I supposed to react to that? I’m just worried because this is the first time he’s been in a co-ed school. He has girls calling him a lot now and he says it’s because he wants to set them up with a friend of his. I believe him. I just wish he could text me or pick up his phone once in a while so I don’t feel like a pathetic sac.

I’ve gone through some hard times recently and I feel like i’ve gone through them alone. I love him very much, but it’s not the same. Not the same breezy love I had when we first were going out. How can I make it clear to him to ‘pencil me in’?

– Ana

Min Min says:
September 24, 2010 at 10:59 pm
Hi Ana,

I think your boyfriend lacks self-confidence. It’s something hard for you to cope with.

If you care about him, but get no response, that is, you’re giving but not receiving, it’s hard for you, even if he’s thinking of you. This is the way how this type of guys deals with things.

However, if you don’t show care for him, then he’s getting even less and less confident.

I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to get hurt. Just let him know that you care about him but it hurts when your care gets no response, that if you don’t show care for him, it’s not that you don’t care, but that it hurts when your care gets no response and tell him that he’s on your mind.

On the other hand, I hope you don’t expect his response anymore. Rearrange your life. Get used to a life without him.

You didn’t meet him at the right timing.

When you meet the right person at the right timing, it’s a bliss;
When you meet the wrong person at the right timing, it’s a sorrow;
When you meet the wrong person at the wrong time, it’s a a joke;
When you meet the right person at the wrong timing, it’s a sigh.

Ana Crusis says:
September 25, 2010 at 2:50 pm
Thanks Min!
I know I have a life around him, but I just want him to be a part of it. I feel sometimes like if he can go through hoops to be with his friends, why not me? I feel like i’ve done everything in my power to let him know I care. I’ve supported him when even his own parent’s wouldn’t. I’m starting to think he just doesn’t care.

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