Is He Interested?

Do you Think He has Lost Interest in Me?

For a year I was dying to meet a guy that attended the same church as me. Every time I see him I would feel that he was the right one for me and I knew I really wanted to meet him. My sister decided to go and ask for his number with out my permission and I was surprised to find out that he was interested in meeting me.


He txt me that day and it was like a dream come true. We txt hours and he asked me out on a date. I thought he was going too fast. He explained that he would be leaving to Paris for 2 months and he wanted to get to know me more and spend time with me before he left.

We went on a date and he was so sweet and nice. By the end of the date we went to a lake and not planned we were hugging and then we kissed. I feel good about it and idk he did.

After the date he would txt me and he said we were gonna keep in touch when he was gone. I gave him my email and a week later after he left he emailed me. I replied and he did answer the second time but after the third time I emailed him he didn’t reply back.

I emailed him for his birthday and he did answer to that email. He asked me how I was doing and that he was really glad to hear from me but it was short and simple not like the other emails he had sent me long and flirty. I replied back and he has not answered me.

I’m a person who worries too much and I can’t stop thinking about him and our date. But the thing is that, do you think he has lost interest in me? Or he met someone else in his trip? Maybe I’m over exaggerating. I’m afraid that when he comes back he would not talk to me no more or he would tell me that he meet someone else in Paris. Should I just wait and take things slow?

– Maria

Min Min says:
June 8, 2010 at 2:09 pm
I’m not sure if he’s still interested based on the information you provided with, but I think even if he’s not interested, your worries waste your time. You should not expect too much and should enjoy what’s around you.

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