He’s Still in Contact with His Ex-Girlfriend

I went out with a work colleague about a year ago we dated for about a month. At first he said he just wanted us to be friends and I was happy with that. Then he started flirting with me shamelessly and at first I was so confused I didn’t know what to do.


To add to an already confused situation he was leaving the city to go and work in a country town four hours away and he still kept in contact with his ex-girlfriend that he said he thought he still loved. So that really rattled me and I tried to break off the friendship or whatever it really was. He rang me several times and I relented mainly because my sister said I shouldn’t be mean to him and ignore him. I did express my reservations to him and he seemed to understand.

So we continued seeing each other. Then the flirting started again and this time I thought, well maybe he is over his ex-girlfriend so I responded to his flirting and before long I was head over heels in love. I thought I had met my soul mate finally.

Then his ex-girlfriend miraculously decided she wanted him back and wrote him a letter. It was obvious to me he would go back to her. I was so devastated and upset I got angry at him and broke off our friendship. Anyway we eventually decided to stay friends through much effort on my part because I genuinely care for him.

But it was difficult and we had a disagreement and he said he didn’t want to be my friend anymore. After a tearful conversation he agreed that I could contact him after a few months because he needed a break from the drama (and I think he was having problems with his girlfriend again).

Recently I found out he had split from her and his dad said I should let him know I still care (I don’t think his dad likes this woman). So I sent him emails telling him I do care still. I could not ring him as he was overseas for a month. He has not replied to any of my emails and his mother told me he still keeps in contact with the ex-girlfriend and that she wants to get back with him. I am thinking his non-reply is a bad sign but then again that is typical of him always confusing me. I don’t know if he is ignoring me or thinking about it, if he is angry with me what?

I know if he is still in contact with his ex-girlfriend I could not have a friendship with him. I am thinking I should have fought for him in the first place and maybe he thought I wasn’t that interested because I didn’t fight. Should I give up? I am so confused as usual.

– Eliza

dieselfit says:
September 9, 2013 at 11:13 am
If it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be. I can see Min Min did her best with her advice and I have to say, hers was incredibly motivating. It was all that needs to be said. So I hope you knew what to do Eliza!

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