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Girlfriend and Study, How to Balance Them?

As it normally happens, a stunningly beautiful girl has just enrolled in your college and you can’t let that opportunity to be her one and only pass by. Or you can’t just resist the allure of falling in love with one of your school mates. Problem is that the educational schedule gives little room to spend the big chunk of your time with the love of your heart. To complicate matters further, any delay in putting her in your corner might just encourage other admiring eyes to beat you to the game. How then do you juggle the demanding school life and your social life and ensure that you strike a balancing act?

Weekly Schedules

The best way to ensure that you have quality time with your girlfriend and at the same time have time for your academics is to come up with a weekly schedule that will guide you through the week. The schedule must be clear on when you’ll have time to socialize and when you’ll have time for academics. While it might prove difficult to abide by the set schedule, especially when the love is still new, the two of you must agree to follow the schedule strictly if your academic output is not to suffer as a result of you two coming together.

On the weekly schedule, set aside a day that will be exclusively for the two of you. This will help a great deal in nurturing your love and ventilating the week that was on the academic front. During my time in school, I had exclusively set aside Saturday for my college love. We could do movie, idle around, visit friends or alternatively talk about what had unfolded during the week and get to know each other.

Coming up with weekly schedules will work well when you are not in the same class. It might prove a little difficult when studying in the same class because you might just be tempted to sit next to each other.

Study Group

Study groups will prove essential in situations where you are in the same class as your love. The reality of the situation is that when you are in the same class it proves too difficult to avoid contact until the set days for the two of you to meet. Now, to ensure that your constant contact is not all about you, form study groups that will guarantee your meeting regularly but for academic purposes. Avoid forming a group of just the two of you and your friends, find genuine reading partners who will be of help in ensuring that the study group is indeed for study and not for pairing up.

Having the person you love in the group will also motivate you to actively participate in the group discussions and in the process improve your academic output. You can even help each other with assignments.

Share Dreams and Plan Together towards Achieving Them

The best way to ensure that your social life does not affect your studies is to share your dreams with the love of your heart and plan together towards achieving them. The best love is the love that allows you to realize your dreams. If she can help you be the man you want to be, then she is the right person for you. My dream has always been to become a journalist, my college love who later ended up as my wife took it upon herself to see me realize that dream. She would constantly ask me what the current news were and my views on the political shows. That helped me take keen interest in having details of what was happening around me all the time just in case she shot a question at me.

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed and the social life is affecting your academic output, seek help, talk to your counselling teacher; they will definitely help you. It is important also to note not to fear having a social life in college; after all it’s part of the training that will come in handy in the adult life.

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