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How to Break the Cycle of Toxic Relationships

The sad truth is that once you’ve been in a bad relationship, it’s easy to allow that one terrible relationship to turn into a cycle. Toxic relationships can destroy your self-image, making it difficult for you to appreciate and really know your own self-worth. When you’re in such a vulnerable state of mind, it’s all so easy to fall back into yet another bad relationship. However, there are things you can do to break this cycle that you’re in! Just check out the two following tips and take the first step to swearing off toxic relationships for good!

* Take a break from dating

If you’ve been in a bad relationship, the last thing you should do is jump right into another romantic situation. Instead, force a dating break on yourself. Give yourself time to really find out your wants, needs, and desires. The saying goes, “You can’t love anyone else unless you first love yourself,” and it’s true. Give yourself the chance to fall in love with yourself, and then tackle the dating scene once again.

* Be aware of the signs of toxic relationships

If you find that simple conversations typically turn into screaming matches, or if you and/or your partner consistently have doubts towards each other, you are in high risk of entering another bad relationship. Be very sensitive to your partner’s actions and reactions—if he or she flies off the handle at the very smallest thing; there’s obviously something wrong. Also analyze the way that you and your partner communicate. Are you successful at communicating, or does regular dialogue all too often turn into a heated argument? It’s best to keep an eye out for these signs early on in the relationship so that a bad romantic situation can be prevented.

By taking a break from the dating scene, you’ll allow yourself time to get to know yourself once again and to be comfortable in your own skin. By following the second tip of being aware, you can help protect yourself from falling into another bad relationship and continuing the cycle.

Prem says:
September 7, 2013 at 1:17 pm
Simple but effective tips for the ones who don’t want to get hurt again. Yes if you’re planning to jump into another relationship then be ready to hear the music. It’s always better to take some time off and maintain a safe distance from getting into bad relationship and if you take a break then you could get the benefit too. As rightly mentioned in the post first learn to love yourself, if you can’t love yourself then how come you can love any other person? God always has a better plan for us what we need to do is, ‘wait’, wait for the right moment.

Allorak says:
September 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm
The first tip is the most crucial. Too many people desperately go for anyone they find, after a bad relationship. this is the worst thing to do, you didn’t give yourself enough time to heal and rebuild yourself. How can you start a meaningful relationship, when you’re broken inside? You can’t expect other people to pick up the pieces for you. If you don’t love yourself enough to help yourself, then how can you expect yourself to love another? Not only will you cause yourself more pain, but you’ll also cause pain for others.

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