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7 Causes of Arguments and Bickering between Couples

From minor disagreements to full-blown rows, relationships can be tricky business. But how easy is it to make the bickering go away? Here are seven causes of arguments along with a little advice for overcoming them.

1. Household chores

If you live together, there can be an issue over who does the housework, including cooking, washing up the dishes, doing laundry and ironing clothes. If one partner does more than the other, expect bickering to follow. To solve the problem, discuss what needs to be done and assign responsibilities. If you both know what you need to do, there are no excuses!

2. Money

Financially-based arguments are very common for couples, especially when it’s tough to make ends meet and one of you is more careful with the cash than the other. Or one of you enjoys more hobbies. Either way, this can be major source of disagreement. Sharing responsibility for paying bills is a good way to make sure you both understand your financial situation.

3. Work

Whether it’s the stress that one of you brings home, the time demands of a job or simply the fact that one of you keeps talking about work, it’s not uncommon for career to take over and lead to problems at home. Make sure you make time to hear about each other’s day, but remember that there’s more to life than what happens at work.

4. Children

How your children are raised can be a constant source of unrest, particularly if you have different ideals. You both want what’s best for your children, but that is definitely not the two of you locked in heated debates. Understanding each other’s perspectives and creating a new set of shared ideals could make for a happy family life.

5. The toilet seat

It’s a minor issue, but it’s one that’s seemingly universal. It seems that men all over the world struggle with remembering to put the seat down when they’re finished and women struggle with putting it down when they’re about to start! A little extra consideration or tolerance is all that’s needed to solve this one.

6. Time-keeping

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been going out for a while, time-keeping (or lack there of) can be a constant source of friction. If you’re forever late to a date with your wife, then it’s time to go shopping for men’s watches. Likewise, set alarms and little reminders to ensure you don’t forget where you need to be.

7. Tidiness

Leaving dirty socks, old newspapers, dirty dishes or anything else lying around is a sure fire way of irking your significant other, especially if they take pride in a tidy home. With a little effort and consideration you can help keep the bickering down to a minimum.

Prem says:
September 20, 2013 at 4:04 pm
I never imagined even toilet seat could be a reason for bickering between couples ;). Arguments between couples have become quite common now and if they look closely they would see that the arguments are just a waste of time which can be easily sorted out if they sit and talk. Work and money keeps us busy most of the time and because of this we tend to forget to live life, nobody would talk about the presentations which we gave during work at the end of our life. Couples should understand that this beautiful life is meant to ‘LIVE’ and live it to the fullest, why to drag and stretch same old issues and make your own life sad. Live in peace.:)


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