Dating the Wrong Person

5 Signs That She Is not Good Wife Material

With so many reports about infidelity, jealousy, two-timing husbands or cheating wives, it’s surprising that people still want to get married. Love surely does overshadow negativity. But still, every man who wants a good wife must be extra careful when choosing a partner. Divorce is expensive and, at times, controversial. In addition to that, a person only has one life to live, and it will be hard living that life with a partner who’s not right for him. But it may be difficult to choose a good wife because people often hide things from each other when they’re just girlfriend and boyfriend, and even when they’re already engaged. So, how does a man know that a woman is not good wife material?


1. She’s self-centered or selfish.

She always talks about herself, what her dreams are and what she wants. Instead of “we”, she often uses “I”. So, where does that leave a man? Marriage is about loving and cherishing each other, as well as compromise. This doesn’t mean that a woman should blindly follow what a man says. It’s about deciding on things that are best for both instead of pursuing things that will only benefit one. A self-centered individual only thinks about herself and what would make her happy. A man should pick a partner who thinks not only for herself, but for him too. Being generous to a husband or boyfriend is also a sign that a woman will be giving to future children as well.

2. She’s not there when times get tough.

There are ups and downs in life. A good partner will stay with her mate during the ups, and most especially during the downs. A girlfriend who isn’t there when her boyfriend needs him isn’t a good choice for a wife. If she can’t be there when they’re still dating, what will happen once they get married? Will she also leave her husband when he gets laid off from work or when he gets into a serious accident?

3. She has violent or psychotic tendencies.

A person with violent tendencies wants to be in control. If a woman wants to control everything, such as the finances and even the way her fiancé dresses or how he acts around people, this could be a sign of future violence. Apart from this, someone who could become violent likes to humiliate and isolate her partner from family and friends. As for psychotic tendencies, things to watch out for are: extremely clingy behavior, detached or cold personality, mood swings, stalking, problems at work, or depression.

4. She spends money like there’s no tomorrow.

Women like to shop, but there should be a limit. Someone who excessively spends money on trivial items may not know how to save money for the future. A man who chooses a woman who can’t properly control her finances could end up with a wastrel wife and zero savings.

5. She’s commitment-phobic.

Marriage is about committing one’s self to another, for better or worse. Someone who cannot commit to a person that she supposedly loves is not a good choice for a wife. So many problems could crop up when a wife or woman is afraid of commitment, and one is infidelity. It’s best to avoid a person who cannot commit to another. Signs of commitment-phobia include: inability to keep a job; always changing her career path; discards old friends for new ones; can’t keep to promises; and many others.

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