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I am not Sure Whether He Wants to Marry Me

I am 40 years old single never married woman strictly spiritual, presently in relationship with a 38 years old never married guy who is atheist. This is my first relationship. We met one year back. Everything is pleasant, we love each other but I am not sure whether he wants to marry me. He calls me regularly, gifts me, cares for me, takes me home, introduces to his family so on so. He shares all his fears, thoughts, dreams n plans with me. Earlier in the begininng he told me that he never wished to marry ever, n that he had lot of relationships which r broken. I need to find out how serious is he n does he think me of marriage material. Does he love me? We r yet to have physical relationship fully. He does expresses at times of going out n spending few days together. I desire to marry him before I get really serious.

– A.B.

Min Min says:
December 28, 2009 at 11:51 am
The difference between you and your boyfriend is that he experienced more relationships than you did and that actually you almost never experienced.

Because of this, you might appear and behave differently than the rest of the women and he might be more optimistic about the relationship with you than what the broken ones brought him.

The problem is that you might not be able to understand him fully. He expresses everything to you in the hope that you will understand him.

However, you long for a perfect marriage in your dream as an 18-year-old does. You might never know what a broken heart feels.

Im pretty sure that he wants to take things really slow and that he would rather always keep you in this way than risking losing you some day.

Nevertheless, you are quite traditional, and you think that the physical relationship should not happen until you get married and that a relationship is not serious unless it goes towards a marriage.

I also wonder whether you fully express yourself to him as he does to you. You might think a lot and keep things to yourself.

Communication is very important in a relationship. You need to let him know the difference between you and him, how traditional you are and let him determine whether you are the right one for him.

It happens that things don’t work out because we are too serious about them; when we take things easier, they may work out better.

married dating says:
January 14, 2010 at 6:41 am
Girl go for it.

Never married you love the guy?

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