Dating a Narcissist

How To Know You Are In A Relationship With A Narcissist

Having a relationship with Narcissist is not a pleasant experience. Negative impacts ripple through all areas of life, from ability to concentrate at work to affecting emotional and physical health. The hard part is knowing, if your partner is actually narcissistic (or overly confident). And the tricky part is what if he is a narcissist? In this article, we look at a signs, also known as a (red flag) to indicate that you are in a relationship with Narcissist and explain what you can do in this situation.

There are clues that you are more likely to be in a relationship with a narcissist (also known as a narcissistic personality type) if they possess more than five signs. Or if you are in a relationship with someone who shows all of these signs in extreme cases, you will have something called narcissistic personality disorder or “NPD”. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who talks excessively about himself. Everything is about me. Who listens to him? One thing that stands out is that all conversations are  redirected back to him as the center of the conversation.

Narcissists constantly needs attention. If their needs are not met, it can trigger excitement and anger. Having a relationship with a self-center person, means that all conversations are about them. Every decision, opinion, thought, goal, and choice are about them. The reason for this all-about-me-syndrome, is entitlement. In a relationship this come across as “my way or highway.”  The narcissist doesn’t consider your thoughts, feelings and opinions having value, especially, compared to his.

Here are some key factors to the behavior of a narcissistic personality type.

  1. S/he is vindictive and threatening.
  2. S/he is accusatory, placing blame on you.
  3. There’s a sense of entitlement.
  4. S/he feels smarter.They think that they are endowed with special abilities that no one else possess.
  5. S/he breaks all the rules, since they don’t apply to them.
  6. They are temperamental, with fits of anger, then acts of coldness toward other.S/he focus obsessively on externally things.
  7. They are controlling and manipulative, having to always get their way.
  8. Has a grandiose personality, wants everything to evolve around them.
  9. S/he can be charming, as long as they get everything to go their way. The narcissist snares you in their charms, only to beguile you into his sinister plans to get what he wants for himself. There’s no sincerely toward others.
  10. Narcissists delight in emotional chaos.  They arouse attention by spreading dissension. They stir up negative emotions to gain attention. This makes them feel powerful. And gives the one with them a sense of insecurity, that keeps them off-balance.
  11. Narcissists are often quick to ridicule,  judge and criticize.

If you are in relationship with a narcissist, and it has become unbearable living with him or her, there are available resources to give you strategies to overcome such a personality type.  If you are willing to utilize the help of others, you can learn the skills to regain your sense of value and restore balance and well being to your life.


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